Worcester 78's Full Roster Revealed For 2018 Season Launch

The 78's full roster for the start of the 2018-2019 season has been completed and the team is preparing for its first opponent, Boston Outtatowners, who will be in Worcester on November 10. 


Worcester 78's Full Roster Revealed For 2018 Season Launch 1

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Four Players Added To Complete Full Roster

The 78s added four players and will start the season with sixteen overall. Like most leagues, the 78's can dress twelve for any single game. By adding these four players to the arsenal of weapons Coach Leonelli can utilize for any given game, he has formed a deep roster with a wide variety of skills sets to create difficult match up assignments for opponents. 

Domenick Mastascusa

A returning player from last season, Dom is a hard working player who came out of the program at WPI. He was on a conference championship team there and became a regular starter in his senior year. He's an incredibly dependable and fundamentally sound player who does a wide range of things well and rarely makes mistakes. He's a very smart rebounder with good mid range shooting and can find a groove from long range. He also have the versatility to play multiple front court positions. See his player profile.

full roster

Domonique Bull

Like Mastascusa, Bull can play multiple positions and is also a smart, versatile player who does a number of things well. He is a talented scorer around the basket and an effective rebounder. Bull can is a very effective player away from the ball, which is an important skill to have on a team like the 78's with several typically ball dominant players. See his player profile.


2017-18 Worcester 78s 52.778 50.000 40.000 10 3.3 0.7 0.6 0.2 5.0
Total 52.778 50.000 40.000 10 3.3 0.7 0.6 0.2 5.0
roster player dom bull

Daivon Edwards

Daivon hits shots. He's an effective shooter from all shorts of range, especially behind the arc. He knows how to find open space on the floor and can hurt other teams with scoring in bunches. Before this season is over, Daivon will hit some memorable shots for the 78s. 

This will be Daivon's true rookie season after graduating from Newbury College. In his senior year he finished averaging just under 20 points per game. See his player profile.

Daivon Edwards makes full roster

Bilal Shakir

Although Coach Leonelli's system for the 78's is already a fast, up and down the court pace, Bilal will be a change of pace guard to take the team into ludicrous speed. He's small (5'8″) but has a quick first step, keeps the offensive pace high tempo from the point guard position, has plenty of ball handling and passing ability and moves very quickly with the ball. Bilal will be a weapon. See his player profile.

Bilal makes full roster

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The Full 2018-2019 Worcester 78's Roster

Coach Leonelli did an incredible job assembling the second year roster for the 78's. He's been able to retain a group of very important players while adding substantial talent across all positions. 

Front Court

aka Bigs. Center, power forward players


Jose Cruz Jr. (Worcester, University of Southern CT)- 6'7″ 240 lbs. Has exceptional passing skills for a big. Solid defender and rebounder. Insane strength and athleticism. Should see less of the biggest player  on opposing teams this year and have more opportunity to play outside the center position. 

Domenick Mastascusa (Worcester, WPI) – 6'4″ 200lbs, Good at lots of things, efficient shooter. Rebounds, knows where to be, solid defender. 

Sean McCarthy (Scituate, NJIT) – 6'10” 250 – Takes up a ton of space, has excellent touch around the basket especially in offensive put backs. Has some mid-range shooting and is a force on the pick and roll. Contests shots, gets blocks, is generally touch to move. 

New Additions

Chris Fitzgerald – (Westminster, GWU, Assumption) 6'9″ 270lbs Adds a whole bunch of size in the middle and is near impossible to move. Wipes players out of plays boxing out. Loves physical play and contact. Has plenty of shooting range to play a wing when needed. Will be very difficult to stop on the pick and pop. 

Worcester 78's Full Roster Revealed For 2018 Season Launch 2


Called the small forward position, but a position that has been transformed in recent years. Typically mid-sized players who can play both inside and outside. 


Domonique Bull – Strong rebounder, good mid-range scorer with a knack for finding a way around the bucket. Better than responsible defender. Does all the right things away from the ball

Mark Cornelius – One of the best defenders you'll see play at this level. Can guard 4 positions effectively. Exceptional basketball IQ, rarely makes positioning mistakes, battles for rebounds and wins more than he loses. Always seems to play well in close games. 

Sam Longwell – Hits shots, has tons of range. Gets open for clean looks and can kill opposing teams from beyond the arc. Sometimes underestimated, but changes that very quickly. Led the 78's in rebounding per game last year.


New Additions

Maurice Horton (Worcester, Worcester State University)- Instant offense that can score in bunches. Gets insanely hot and can lead runs. Sticks his nose in for rebounds, has high level intensity and a ton of will to win. Exceptional shooter. One of the best players in Worcester. 

Worcester 78's Full Roster Revealed For 2018 Season Launch 3


Scorers, Shooters, Ball Handlers


Tony Gallo (Worcester, Copping State) – Elite scorer, seemingly infinite shooting range. great ball handling and can get to the basket. Can take games over. Scored 32 per game last season, leading the league. Led the team in assists per game, second on the team in steals per game. 

Scotty Tavares-Taylor (Roxbury, Franklin Pierce, UMASS Lowell) – Elite passer, pure point guard. Hits huge shots in the clutch, makes players around him better. Team leader in steals last season. 

Lee Vazquez (Providence, Westfield State) – Insane compete level, a motor that never stops. Very good first step, can shoot from range, aggressive defender, very good rebounder for his size. 

Kamahl Walker (Worcester, Endicott)- Highly efficient shooter, gets to the basket seemingly at will, high end scorer (20 ppg last season, 2nd best on the team, as a true rookie). Leading scorer of all-time at Endicott. In position to have a very strong second season as a pro. 

New Additions

Daivon Edwards (Brighton, Newbury) – Hits shots in bunches from very long range. Finds ways to get into space for catch and shoot opportunities. 

Dimitri Floras (Nashua, SNHU, Quinnipiac) – Does almost everything well. Can shoot from long range, has vertical, passes well, effective with and without the ball, defends well. Extremely well rounded, “five tool” player. 

Bilal Shakir (Worcester, Worcester State) – Can take a team into ludicrous speed and knows how to use his speed to his advantage. Very fast with and without the ball and the ball handling to go with it. Adds a different dimension. 

Naadir Tharpe (Worcester, Kansas) – One of the best Worcester players of the generation. Elite passing ability in every situation. Experienced, knows how to control the pace of game. Can get to the basket, hits important shots, severely underestimated as a defender.